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What microphones are best for recording vocals? With guitar

orkowshjorkowshj 3.0 Streaming Posts: 6
I have been trying to record my singing with the use of ear buds but there is to much noise bleeding into the recording. I have to use only one ear bud so I can hear myself sing but I think that maybe the the reason for the unwanted noise. Can someone please help me in this matter?


  • RLVRLV Member Posts: 168
    Are you playing and singing simultaneously? If so, I would strongly recommend 2 separate mics, a condenser mic close up on the acoustic and a dynamic mic for you vocals. If thats too much and you only want to use 1 mic, a condenser in the middle of you and the guitar would be best, though it's not gonna sound great. If you are referring to the noise bleed from a pre recorded guitar track leaking in while recording vocals, I would say it is most likely your headphones. The best headphones for recording vocals in any manner are over ear. And something to get used to would be to record with both ears covered, which is something Ken points out, in order to learn how to 'feel' if you are singing correctly and on pitch, without having to rely on hearing yourself, though I understand to qualms of that.
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