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Opportunity in So. Cal. for the right singer

Hello KTVA Singer's Forum. I've enjoyed Ken's videos on YouTube, Facebook, etc. for years now, and wanted to sign up, get acquainted, and talk about music. I have an established Classic/Modern/Dance/Variety Rock band that is based in Palm Desert (near Palm Springs, CA.) Short description: Think CCR all the way up to RHCP, with all of the gems in between. We feature a male lead vocalist, who is in a little bit of a bind due to day job crises and constraints, and I need to start looking at a possible short term replacement, that could be permanent. We typically perform 4-5 shows each month, often in Temecula Wineries, occasionally in Orange County, but of course right here in the Coachella Valley, too. I pay $100-300 per show, depending on what kind of venue it is and the amount of travel involved. Not glamorous, not going to replace anyone's day job, but pretty substantial and very professional. If interested, and qualified, please don't hesitate to reach out-it's a networking kind of business. Looking forward to meeting and hearing/seeing lots of singers here, on the KTVA Singer's Forum!


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