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The Beatles - Get back

off and on hit this song, I feel I struggle with maintaining support. sometimes I feel like I have these really good days with it and then like the day after I feel like it's weak, almost like doing a workout, and the next day my muscles feel like jello. is this normal, and if so should I train it ( if you will) in intervals like one day of practice, then the next rest so on and so forth?

feedback on the song is welcome.



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    DannyOc3anDannyOc3an 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 668
    edited November 2022
    Just had a listen.....
    First observation... You're off tempo, you started to sing too soon, and you didn't correct this through the whole song. I suggest you to listen to the original and notice where in the backing track is it that you should start singing. This is affecting the whole performance so it would be your priority for this song....

    I can hear you have good foundation and with training from the course you could really get your singing very far.

    Regarding your question about support, when starting out it MAY be normal to have on / off days since you're learning the mechanism and adjusting it, and this may take a while. But then, it should be second nature and you must be able to engage support always, no exceptions.. The best way to train this -contrary to what you may think- is to train it daily. We're talking about 5 or 6 days a week, doing the workouts laid on the course on your current Volume. Eventually you can come back to the situp or huffing exercises, but the scales are to be done daily. By doing the scales you are focused on these moving targets and can work on them; which isn't necessarily the case when singing songs. Also, remember the importance of FULLY relaxing your abdomen between breaths. Don't let it get bound up. Engage your support, sing the phrase or scale, then fully relax the abdomen, then take the air again and engage your abdomen again to sing and relax again; always, for as long as you're singing or training. Commonly we may forget about this relaxation between breaths and that causes soreness in your abs and lose of support after a few songs, since it bounds up

    Hope this helps

    PS. I may suggest posting into the students area in the future if more in depth feedback is needed
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