I'm here just to learn how to sing like Miljenko Matijevic, the singer from steel heart?

Can somebody help me with some tips on how to get a very high head voice like Miljenko? thank you


  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,170
    edited November 20
    he has a powerful hard rock type voice with lots of high notes. since you already got the course, you are on the right track. Ken's course shows you all the tools to sing in a lot of different styles, but he is coming from a hard rock background too. just do your exercises regularly and you won't really need to specialize any more. you will get there more or less automatic, given you really focus on it. it will take time though. the best way to do the course is to be consistent, watch the videos over and over, ask a lot of questions on here, get feedback on your own voice etc, immerse yourself in the topic. and learn easier songs first, don't frustrate yourself or blow out your voice on material that's too hard. lower the key, or practice easier stuff first. if you can stay motivated you can get there. it is also very important not to skip parts of the course in an attempt to use a shortcut. the course builds your skills bit by bit and you cannot skip to vol 3 if you have not done vol 1 first. this is why i cannot tell you specific exercises to help with your goal. the course is the exercise, so to speak
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