Hi from Maryland

Hi Everyone,

My name is Eric Conn and I've been playing guitar and singing in rock bands since the 80s. I just finished my second solo record under the band name Driven (you can check out many of my songs for free at www.soundcloud.com/drivenbandmd) and have decided it's time to learn how to sing properly. I found Ken's course via YouTube and was inspired to take the leap and devote myself to getting the best out of my voice. My goal is to be able to pull off all of the songs I wrote on my first 2 albums live - especially in a stripped down acoustic live format where the emphasis will be completely on a single voice and backing guitar. I'm up for the challenge and can't wait to take my voice to the next level and becoming confident in my ability to deliver the songs I spent so much time writing. I look forward to getting to know all of you better over the coming months.


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357

    Hello, Eric!

    Welcome!  You have chosen wisely.  This is definitely THE vocal method that will get the MAXIMUM results from your voice!  Now it's up to you to follow through by listening carefully to everything Ken shows you and devoting time to practicing the techniques!

    Looking forward to hearing your demos!



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    Eric_ConnEric_Conn Pro Posts: 6
    Thanks everyone. Really excited to get started with the program!

    Cinema - I have heard of your band. Not sure if I ever saw you live but the name is definitely familiar. I was in a band called Mannekin back in the 80's but mainly played lead guitar and sang only sparingly. I'm trying to make the transition to lead singer and it's certainly more challenging to sing the entire night. I have much more respect for all lead singers out there now and certainly think it's the most challenging instrument in any band.

    Btw, the drummer on both of my studio albums is a friend of mine named Matt Halpern, a Pikesville native. Do you know him? He's a world class drummer and currently tours the world with his prog rock band Periphery. He was just voted Best Metal Drummer in this month's issue of Modern Drummer and was on the cover last year. He's a rare talent and all-around nice guy.
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    Eric_ConnEric_Conn Pro Posts: 6
    Please tell Dave I said hi. He and I played a couple of Mannekin reunion shows together at the Recher. Great singer and all-around nice guy. We had fun drinking Goldschlager shots after the gig. I'll definitely check out your Soundcloud account. I'm on there as well under DrivenBandMD.
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