Howdy everybody,(Straight From The Buckeye State)

B) okay Soo, first off, I’d like to extend a heartfelt hello to all of my likeminded, fellow note slaying serenaders that’ve also happened into this virtual space of congregation. I respond to, and am known on the socials under the alternate to my human ego’s handle @Maxxabstract. Or if you prefer, My birthgiven aka is of one Joseph Grey is also perfectly acceptable to call me. :) Fascinating, the many possible reasons behind each of our studious attendances here, I find myself not only excited for any/all future potential experiences together. But also equally as grateful for this member opportunity and to all the hard work that went to creating/sustaining such a divine platform for it

now queued to springboard launch myself forward in further developing the endless skills of perception, aiming of course, ultimately at maximizing this “juggling chainsaw” act, I’ve come to know as my “awareness threshold” which is personally defined as my event horizon lol. Where my rubber meets the road in terms of capacity, competence, efficiency, proficiency, understanding, n last but not least. My Downright Tangible ability.

All that said, though it might sound as though i take myself quite serious 🧐. I really, at least like to think, much to the contrary. The intricacies are simply the vessel in which my particular scope of entertainment presents itself to me. It’d Be rude of me to decline such a gift haha. But I just sing cuz it’s fun and makes me happy every day. For at least 20 or so years now. Mostly just to myself. Alone in my room. Or i Often sing creatively leading to recordings of original content. Or again recording but this time me covering the vast selection of music I’ve come to love over the years. (Something like Over 5000 covers recorded exclusively to date lol). Never used to feel like a good singer tho . Feel I’ve come further now than I ever thought I could get ever but at that Still. Just a so so. Average ish voice so much talent out these days. And that’s wonderful to me. I’m happy with how I sound and I still will sound even when I’m not lol.

Anyhow Ya. That’s me basically. I’m really careful socially so it comes off as shy but really i super chill and friendly and understanding so feel free to Hmu for anything if ya need/like :)


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    Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,406
    hi, welcome to the forum, you found a good place to improve your singing. if you own the course, make sure to get student access. are any of your originals or covers online? would be nice to hear!

    if you have any questions, let us know, we all try to help each other out.
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