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Hi Everyone - I just joined the KTVA program and I thought I'd share one of my more recent vocal tracks with everyone to get feedback. This is the first song from my second solo album called "Driven 2.0." People who have heard the song say the vocals remind them of Foo Fighters but I'll let you be the judge. Except for some minor punch ins, I recorded the vocal in one take in the studio and edited it very sparingly so it is representative of my starting point. This song is definitely one of my harder tunes to perform live since it stays relatively high for extended portions of the song. I can't wait to be able to perform this one consistently live with just a single acoustic guitar. I'd love to get everyone's thoughts:

Thanks in advance,

Lead singer/guitarist in the band Driven (unsigned)


  • sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
    Great work Eric. This sounds good. I think as you work through the program you will find those F#-G4's a lot easier to sing. That was my trouble area as well and now those notes seem lower and much easier to sing. You will also benefit from learning proper glottal compression to get that distorted tone to your voice. Pay close attention to each video lesson and don't skip over anything. Copy ken as close as you can and you will get results. All the best.
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    Sounds good, Eric. You are coming in the door with a lot of skills, but you will gain even more as your voice grows from implementing the KTVA methods. 

    It will be interesting hearing your development.

    Welcome aboard!


  • SurfingAlienSurfingAlien Pro Posts: 9
    this sound g-r-e-a-t Eric, I really love the tune and to be honest I don't think your voice is anywhere near the FF singer... there are points where it reminds me of Jon Bon Jovi perhaps, sure I like it very much and prefer it over FF's

    rock on!
  • Eric_ConnEric_Conn Pro Posts: 6
    Thank you for the positive comments everyone. It is one of the best feelings in the world when others enjoy your music - you've made my morning:). I spent several hours watching the KTVA Volume 1 videos last night and have already identified areas for improvement. I very psych'ed to dive in and start eliminating some of the strain that occurs when I try to hit the higher notes.

    SSPatrick - Your note about me learning the proper techniques for glottal compression is spot on. I'm definitely not doing that effectively and hitting certain vowel sounds at the higher end of my range tends to make my throat close off. Signing with an open throat and keeping my tongue from getting in the way should help with my stamina.

    Once I feel like I'm making progress with the new techniques, I'll record an acoustic version of this song with my iPhone and post it for feedback on the various techniques. Can't wait to be able to pull it off consistently and with confidence. Thanks again everyone - this forum is great!
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