"Since I've Been Lovin' You" by Led Zeppelin

Here is my cover of this great old bluesy Zeppelin tune. I have been taking in the feedback about pitch and equalizing the strength of chest voice and head voice. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!



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    @Klaus_T @Maarten @SingForSoup @RLV @Diego @Murbles @DannyOc3an You've been kind enough to review me in the past, I'd appreciate it if you give this one a listen
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    Hello, @kworam I really like this song, especially from a guitarist's perspective.

    I would first be careful not to sing this like Robert Plant. My guess is Ken is not a big Robert Plant fan from a vocal technique perspective.

    First phrases you sang I could hear there wasn't as much space as we'd like to have in the mouth. You want to better place your vowels and have that open throat. Doing open throat correctly will allow you to also get more resonance in the throat and finish phrases with some vibrato.

    "7 to eleven every NIGHT" On NIGHT you are breathy and it dies out a bit. Having some more resonance here with a more open throat

    Pitch sounds pretty good.

    "I really been the best" On this phrase sounds like you are going for some distortion like Robert. I wouldn't go for distortion at this stage in your singing because it could do some damage to the voice when not applied properly. I don't use distortion at my stage in singing. Also sounds like the larynx may have risen here.

    "I'm about to lose, my worried mind, oh yea" here you are in head voice and there's a clear distinction in head voice being more breathy and not well supported or bright timbral. This indicates to me your progress in the course should be in Volume 2. However, I'd suggest also going back to vowel 1 videos occasionally to review fundamentals. For example, diaphragmatic support should be your first point to improve. I used to underestimate this, but it's super important and will allow you to sing phrases in this song and feel like you can sing a whole bunch more at the end of that phrase.

    Finding your own voice will make this version overall sound better. I like how when Ken sings songs it sounds like Ken Tamplin singing Maroon 5. Not Ken trying to sound like Adam Levine.

    I always encourage people to post the AH vowel and request feedback. Everything really starts with getting the fundamentals down very tight.

    Props to you for doing this cover and posting it for us to critique. I look forward to hearing more of your posts. Great job!!!
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    Thanks for the detailed review @michaelmusic, I appreciate it!

    Why do you think Ken wouldn't like Robert Plant's vocal technique? I think he's one of the greatest rock singers ever!

    I see what you mean about open space, I'll work on that. I'll try singing it on the 'ah' vowel and try to keep that opening when I sing it 'for real'. I wasn't going for distortion on "I really been the best", but I'll work on singing that more open too. I realize now I was focusing more on getting the pitch right in this song, but now I will focus on tone.

    I am trying to find my own voice. I think of it right now as trying to feel ease in singing while keeping good fundamentals. Then my voice will just come out.

    Thanks again!
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    @michaelmusic I was just reflecting on your review and wondering what makes you think I was trying to sing it like Robert Plant. I was trying to sing it in a bluesy style with correct pitch, and I have heard Robert Plant's performance many times, but I wasn't trying to imitate him.
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    hey, sounds good! nice we could help you improve, and you did put in the work!!! i don't know the song... you sometimes sound a bit pinched, it sounds like you could do with modifying at 1:33, 2:03, 2:22. it's cool how you go into the low registers. from 5:15 on you struggle with something i am not sure what it is, maybe you need modifications or maybe the placement, i hear some froggy/comicy notes, if you catch my drift. i would imagine the last passage is kind of the hardest part in the original, so no small task, and no wonder it needs a little work, surely you can work it out. when you stretch your chest a bit more (automatically will come from the exercises), you can go into chest a bit more on the shoutier parts (for my taste) but since you asked about balance ;) you can be proud of yourself!!!
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    @Klaus_T thanks for giving it a listen, and thanks for the detailed feedback. I will listen to those time marks. Yeah, the G5 at the end is pretty challenging, I will continue to work on making it smooth and controlled. Sounds like your feedback about sounding pinched is similar to @michaelmusic, that I should practice keeping my throat open throughout. Am I right about that? And yeah, I am always striving to create a more blended sound, get some more chest voice into my upper range. Thanks again for all the good feedback!
  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,358
    yeah, mostly the feedback boils down to "continue to do the course", which you will do anyway, i guess. if you put in the work, it really is just a matter of time until you get there. since you already made progress, i am sure you will stay motivated!
  • kworamkworam 3.0 Streaming Posts: 118
    @Klaus_T thanks again. Yes, I am enjoying the ride as I work to perfect my singing. I hope you are enjoying yours as well!
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