Maybe I'm Amazed - Paul McCartney | Acoustic Cover w Lowered key

I played this song back in November in the original key. I believe it sounds better a full step lower. Both versions are below, but I'd like you to review the second version and provide tips on how I can improve.

Original Key

1 full step down


  • kworamkworam 3.0 Streaming Posts: 118
    @michaelmusic You picked a great song, and you sound great singing it. Guitar sounds really good too. I think you made a good choice to lower it a full step, your voice sounds strong and free singing it there. I especially like the 'whoo' at the end. One observation: you appear to be sitting and leaning forward a bit as you sing it. I suggest standing up and using a guitar strap so you can use the full power of your voice.

    One nitpick: you sang 'really understand' different from how Paul sings it and I thought maybe you backed off on the original note there. I could be wrong about that, maybe it was just your choice of interpretation.
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