Fooled Around and Fell In Love - Elvin Bishop | Acoustic Cover

Thanks for stopping by. The song I covered this week has a more breathy vocal tone for the style I did. I am starting to try figuring out what my unique vocal style is.

I am trying to work a bit more on vocal dynamics like going soft then hard and loud then quiet. Looking for all feedback. Thank you.


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  • TerenceTerence 3.0 Streaming Posts: 292
    This is my favorite demo of yours so far, @michaelmusic

    1- Your voice is well capable of the original key (F) but you took it down 4 semitones to Db. That was a purposeful artistic choice and a good one, IMO.
    2- The key showcases a different part of your range which just may be your sweetspot in terms of texture and contrast.
    3- The slower tempo and casual style suits you and brings out a different flavor of the original.

    Another advantage of the lower key is the option to shift up, somewhere, for contrast/tension.

    Drop the guitar for a brief section going a capella before returning big?
  • kworamkworam 3.0 Streaming Posts: 118
    @michaelmusic I like your cool laid back version of "Fooled Around and Fell In Love". Your guitar playing and voice sounded great together! Seems to me you are finding your style. I have just a few vocal nitpicks with a very good performance:

    I couldn't make out the words when you sang: "I liked", I think you omitted the consonants
    When you sang 'love' around 1:50, it sounded just a bit pitchy to me near the end
  • GuyChanGuyChan 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 166
    This fits style fits your voice beautifully !

    You sound like these cool soul singers.

    If you're looking for something to improve, try to have a bit more flexibility in tte way you sing. You're kinda "square" sometimes. Try to swing that rythm, and get some more swag in the way you sing and make runs.

    That's a very good job ! I encourage you to stay in that way 😉
  • triptrip Member Posts: 1
    edited February 13
    Well done!. IMHO, this could be a signature song for you once you nail down all the elements! This song to me is a dragon to slay and as such, I'm aiming for the bleachers going for a hybrid of Elvin Bishop and the Winery Dogs version... you are a lot further along than me. Keep it up!
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