Hello from Finland!

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Hello from Finland!

I bought my online singing course four weeks ago and since then I’ve been doing the drills and excercises practicly every day.
I’m soon to be 52 years old and I guess I could call myself a semi-pro musician. At the moment I have a cover band called Deep Undercover and I’m also doing solo gigs with my acoustic guitar.

I have always been singing rock songs only with my chest voice. Well, I have been using smooth falsetto every now and then, but, not when singing with robust rock sound. As a baritone that has put tight limits with the songs I’ve been able to sing. My chest voice range gives me the opportunity to sing songs where the highest notes can be somewhere on A4. So, that means that there’s a lot of great rock songs I have to count out. That gave me the idea to take this course and try to work with my head voice and passagio between my chest and head voice. I found Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy by checking out many cool videos where Ken Tamplin is analysing isolated vocals, talking about theory and showing some drills to practice with.

I think I have a pretty good support and my singing technique with my throat on my chest voice range has been ok. I have never gave it too much thoughts since I have been able to sing two to three hours a night and repeat it the next day without losing my voice. However, the lessons have given me so much new information about the anatomy of singing.

Improvment on this four week period has been encouriging. I have worked with my open throat technique with different vowel drills and to put strenght and support to my head voice. When I started my falsetto range was as high as D5 but now with my head voice I can sing E5 and I have already even found F#5 on my register - but, I’m not going to hurry with going there :smile: At the moment I am practicing with new songs that are mostly on my head voice range (f.ex. AC/DC) or where I have to use both and have to work with my passagio (Def Leppard, Van Halen etc.).

Yes, I still have lot to do with my passagio and sound development, but, I’m confident that with this amazing course anything is possible in the future. So cool to be here with you on this forum.

Cheers, Janne


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