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Can you give feedbacks on my singing?




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    Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,407
    hi, you have a nice bright tone to your voice. your pitch is all over the place. a lot of people struggle with this because they are a) not able to hear pitch properly. ear training can help, like tonedear.com (free) b) not able to hit the note they want to hit, even though they know which one they want to go for. it is a technical thing that comes with practice and singing scales regularly with proper technique. also, you are not using much of your support mechanism, which also leads to pitch issues, and there is a certain lack of tension or snap in the sound because of it. if i remember the original version correctly, she is also belting more, which needs loads of support and working on chest voice (while it is of course fine to sing the song softer like you did, but if you wanted to copy her style this would help i guess). i thought you had the emotions down pretty well. are you doing some exercises to work on your voice already? if not, i suggest to start some of the free youtube scales Ken has put out. the voice is a muscle so it needs regular exercises in order to perform. it does take time, but all professional singers will have had to put in the hours to somehow growing their voice to sound "pro" (unless they were a lucky natural, but this is a rare thing, most people need to work up to this level tediously).
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    Maverickbreeg666Maverickbreeg666 3.0 Streaming Posts: 4
    Hi everyone!! I'm gonna share a clip of Number of the Beast by Maiden done by my band recently durong a rehearsal. I'm gonna be honest, this is the first time I'm sharing anything, so please be kind 😅😅, since I know there are a lot of misses in it, especially me singing out of tune and being late in certain parts. Anyway, any kind of feeback is appreciated!

    I've been working on KTVA 3.0 since around August last year, so I feel this is the time to share. Thanks!

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