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Sore side and chapped lips

I have spent a lot of time warming up with some of Ken's videos. Today I spent a little over an hour warming up, and spent the rest of the day singing. I sing at work since I work pretty much individually and I'm on my feet all day. In total, I think I spent 6 hours or so singing, which is typical, I do this almost every day.

Today I noticed that my right side specifically directly under my rib cage is very sore. Could this be from exercising my diaphragm for essentially the first time this week? Also my lips have been pretty chapped as well. Do singers often get chapped lips? I also had bit of a mild illness last week and that might have been when it started, but I can't remember. I just want to make sure that this is normal.

With the warmups, I definitely had a bell tone throughout most of the day, so I certainly feel like I was singing correctly.


  • TerenceTerence 3.0 Streaming Posts: 340
    What a great work situation for singing practice!

    With so many factors around your rib soreness, it's hard to say. I often sing outdoors while walking slowly for about two hours and it doesn't cause soreness under the ribs. However, it does often chap the lips because the mouth is so open most of the time.

    The bell ring in your voice is a sign that you are singing with good form.
  • TeddysreadyTeddysready Member Posts: 13
    Thank you! I thank my blessing to have this opportunity. (Also a huge confidence builder as I'm not entirely alone 😆)

    And yeah my job is pretty physical - so the soreness could be simply from that and not singing, however I've been here 2 years and haven't felt sore here before. But it doesn't hurt! So I am actually kind of impressed by the soreness and it would make sense if it was from singing so much below my ribs. I have definitely known that's how people sing, but it's taken me a very long time to break old habits and actually try to learn it myself.
    Finally I definitely have the bell tone a lot more than usual, and I even managed to pull of some healthy distortion (I believe because I had grit in my sound but I could feel the openness) however this didn't last and by the end of the night the old thin distorted sound had set back in. But my vocal cords do not feel sore, tired or scratched so definitely good progress.

    I know this is a lot to read definitely, but I'm very excited - 6 hours into singing and I had enough stamina to keep going,and the biggest change was doing Ken's warmup for an hour. I'm very glad I pulled my head out from under me and finally LISTENED to him! 😂
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