Hello from western Canada!

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I have just finished a two week trial of the KTVA 3.0 course and now have committed to a year of learning and trainging. I am very much looking forward to it and have already had some quick improvements in the two weeks. But still a ways from where I will be proud of my voice. I play in a "weekend warrior" band and recently we formed a trio where I do the singing. I could never get through a night without almost losing my voice. I went years just as a player with some light backing vocals and that was okay. But now its the lead. Just a watching all the introductory videos and instruction was very good to me. I dont usually have to do more than 2 nights in a row, but its about 40 songs a night. I just did one, a week ago, and made both nights without a problem. But, I do need a little better pitch control, and even more is the tone. Which is coming along not bad at day 19 in the 3.0 course. So I am very excited to see how I am doing at the end of this year! I am just waiting for my access to the students area to see more how others are doing, and share some of my progress too. Happy singing everyone!


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    Dewy69Dewy69 3.0 Streaming Posts: 35
    Oh, I should have mentioned a bit more about me. I am 53 years old...so I am one of the "older" voices looking to be better. I live in BC Canada and play in a weekend warrior band. Not a lot anymore since the pandemic, but still at least once a month around here. I live in a smaller town, so I am happy to be playing that ofetn. And I plan to sing and play for several more years anyway, so, may as well learn to do it right!
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