Say Hello To Heaven - 2.0

I posted this song a while back and got some good feedback. Here it is again, new and improved! (hopefully).


@michaelmusic @Klaus_T @Maarten @SingForSoup @RLV @Diego @Murbles @DannyOc3an, I would appreciate your feedback!


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    Hello, I just had a listen... Well here I can hear you're doing a good job; I will comment here also about your previous post "everybody have fun tonight". On that previous one, what caught my ear was your tone... Maybe bringing more mask placement will improve that one. A bit more nasality. Maybe it was your first or first couple of runs with the song that day on that recording? I say this because I've found out that after several attempts to do a relatively high song as that one, the voice begins to find a higher placement and settles in that placement in a comfortable way; where if it's your first attempts on that day, you may find your tone as if you were pulling it upwards and you can hear that pull as if you were trying to bring the voice up but it is not 100% there yet. So, after a good warm up (at least 30-40 minutes with warmup scales) (ideally adding head voice scales too), then you may want to sing it 3 or 4 times until your voice finds that placement and then record to see if the tone improves... Nice low notes btw, seems like you are a bass or low bari, so when going higher it becomes more important to train that elasticity so the voice finds the placement, with enough warming up and doing some runs before recording..

    On this rendition (Say hello to heaven) there's a better tone than on the last song, you can hear some brightness, some spark in the sound that was not so present in the previous one. It's like you are feeling the sound more into your face and placing it there, this brings brightness. Sounds as if you were singing for a while before this recording.. On the high falsetto/headvoice parts, maybe try to find more roundness, lowering a bit your larynx so the sound can be placed and floats in a small round space you find inside your head at that pitch. I find that this is not that easy and comes from training head voice scales with a special awareness to bring roundness, since these notes would naturally come off as if being kind of pinched or squeezed for most of us. So this is something that takes some time to train, sounds good right now but there's room for more; always try your best to bring roundness into this small falsetto space, as best as you can and let it grow overtime..

    Keep up the good work!
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    @DannyOc3an wow, thanks for listening so closely and giving me lots of good feedback! I will think about more mask placement on "Everybody Have Fun Tonight". I can relate to what you say about the voice settling into a higher placement. My routine is to warm up the full range of my voice and then usually sing the song two or three times before taking the last one as my mark for the day. I am a bass, by the way, my lowest note is B1 (sometimes A1 on a good day).

    I am glad you see some improvement from the previous version of "Say Hello 2 Heaven". That's a good thought about the high notes, to find more roundness and lower my larynx a bit. I am enjoying the ride as I work to improve these songs, thanks for your help!
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    nice song you picked out but also a tough one! you got a voice for this kind of songs, you can hear that but especially in the higher notes you need to focus and practise on the pitch. but with practise you can nail this one
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    @Maarten Thanks so much for listening and giving me your feedback! I agree with you about the high notes, and I am practicing with an iphone app now called SingScope to check my pitch. I feel it has been helpful. I'll keep working on this one, I love the song a lot. Chris Cornell ain't no slouch!
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    yeah I'm also practising another Chris C song but it's still far from posting, he's got an incredible voice, feeling and reach
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    @Maarten Good luck with your song, I look forward to hearing it when you feel ready.
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