I sing the song in my mother tongue. Listening only for the strong-minded.(Check the avatar)


This is a popular song here in Finland. It is written by a band called "Eppu Normaali" ca. in 1985. The song is "Vihreän joen rannnalla".

Anyway, I have been training to sing according to Ken's course for about a year. Still applying Volume 1 exercises.


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    Good singing, Mod, and well within range for your voice. I did't know Finnish had rolled "R"s. It was fascinating to listen to your diction which you navigated well. I can hear why the song is popular.
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    Thank you for your kind comment. The band 'Eppu Normaali' came active ca 1978 or so. Originally they played punk rock, but the style became softer a bit later.

    The voice of the vocalist is very distinctive and it hits directly to the core of the Finnish audience's music nerves. In addition, the vocalist's mother was very talented author, so I guess he has some genes to write texts and he managed to write a numerous songs with pretty awesome lyrics.

    "It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock'n'roll :)"
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