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Honey+lemon..is it good for singer??

Hello guys..i got infected with covid last year(november 2022)..and till today(16 feb 2023) i still havent fully recovered..covid has take a toll on my voice resulting me losing three note of my upper chest..

by the way, nevermind that..i just want to know to those who has faced this issues before..
how do you solve this issues? How do you speed-forward the recovery? Do you recommend warm water+lemon+honey? Is it good to drink this? I read somewhere in the website that it is good for singer..please help..


  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,405
    hi, the drink is good, you can also add ginger or turmeric (you need hot water for this to work). if you add honey and lemon when this infusion cooled down to preserve a few more of the good stuff from lemon and honey.

    however, this drink alone might likely not be sufficient to cure your condition. anything medical-related should be discussed with a doctor. once you are sure you are allowed to sing again according to your doctor, i would start slowly and do some lower volumes for a few days or even weeks. if you had anything longer than a few weeks break, this will be a smoother entry back into singing and make sure you are not overdoing it and/or getting frustrated by seeing the "what i lost in the time off" comparison. the best is also not to mentally "sit" on the lost time, and see it more like a new chapter. in my experience, getting back into it after a break always reveals new angles and a shift in focus.

    if you describe your condition a bit more, there might be other lifestyle or nutrition tips we could give you
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