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Does jaw mewing exercises affect your singing?

MohammadharisMohammadharis Member Posts: 20
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Hi,I wanna know that mewing exercises which people do to get a perfect jawline can affect your singing? because it makes you to put the tongue on the roof of your mouth while Ken tell us to put the tongue at the base of the jaw .will it consider a bad habit ?I know it's seems like a silly question but I really want to know and this exercises is not about singing ,its makes your jawline better.I am sorry if someone get annoyed by this question.


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    ElaraElara Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 327
    Putting the tongue to the base of the jaw is for when you are doing your singing training or are performing. What you do outside of that is up to you!
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    JcbJcb Member Posts: 16
    Well the tounge has three Jobs 1. The Produktion of the fricativs (s,Sh, ch, french r and russian r) 2.controling the overtones (that's why A E I O U Sound different) and selecting the cavity. If you sing through the nose then there is a chance, that the Vowels and the consonants get seperated too much and you can't shape the Vowels.
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