Hello from Marlton, NJ! New to the KTVA, Looking to Establish Connections ;o)

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Hello, my name is Ben, and I have officially enrolled in the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy tonight. I'm a beginner, never been formally trained in singing, and looking to develop a range for rock music. I'd love to have some versatility in it and be able to sing anything from Linkin Park to Celine Dion. I envision myself mainly being a hybrid of Chris Daughtry and Benjamin Burnley, with the addition of high notes that some classic rockers do. I'm also hoping to establish connections with some fellow students to help me along my journey. We can connect remotely, or if any of y'all are within the vicinity of Marlton, NJ, that would be even better. Thank y'all for your time, and I hope to achieve my goals!


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    Welcome Ben! Excited to have you here. This community provides some great feedback that has helped me on my journey.

    I suggest to use the community to post SPECIFIC questions with VIDEOS so we can provide ACTIONABLE comments.

    Goodluck on your journey!
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