Can I please get feedback on my singing? 🙏

staystrong5010staystrong5010 Pro Posts: 37
Hey there. It’s been a battle trying to figure out my voice but I feel I’m getting closer now. These are two short clips of me singing (shorts on YouTube) with me singing in what I think is mixed voice or just going through all the registers very comfortably. I’m singing my oasis by Sam Smith. It’s quite soothing singing like this but I feel like my voice sounds weak here, but I sense it going to grow stronger if I sing more this way. I know this is all vague but I just wanna know if you think the sound will get stronger over time and if my tone sounds kind of annoying and squeaky. Also, I’m curious if these clips say anything about my voice type. I was told I’m a tenor, bari-tenor. I don’t know anymore lol. I guess it doesn’t matter but I’m just curious time and time again.

Thank you again for giving me this feedback it helps tremendously.




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    michaelmusicmichaelmusic 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 254
    Thanks for posting this video so we can give specific feedback for you.

    Correct, voice sounds weak here. Incorrect, reinforcing the same techniques would not make you better, but could harm the voice overtime.

    Some of the fundamentals I see that could be improved:
    1. Diaphragmatic breathing: Consciously take big breathes that allow you to sustain notes longer
    2. Vowel Placement: I would continue to improve on getting that big bright and powerful LAH AH sound. Although that's not how you will sing (since you are an R&B singer) you want to come from that place of strength and only then can you get quieter and add more breath to the sound.
    I'm careful to try sounding like Sam Smith. Whether you are trying to sound like him or you are singing your own sound only you know, but Sam has unique ways of singing that could easily be imitated with poor technique.

    Pitch and tone was good! Keep posting! Looking forward to more videos nice job.
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    Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,406
    the best way to improve is to do the exercises properly and regularily, if you do this, you can't fail. make sure to get feedback on scales to get down the techniques. we train with the bright voice even if we don't want to sound like that in songs. it is what Ken calls the "runner's body", i.e. being able to sing whatever you want because you have good technique. in this clip you use lots of air, for example. the course teaches support and compression and you will then be able to fix this while still being able to sound airy for effect. i can't tell you your voice type and as you say, it does not really matter. focus on the course and it will be fine :)
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