New here and need an honest opinion...

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Hi all,

Looking for some brutally honest opinions about my singing.

I have alot of doubts on wether it’s good or not and no real idea where to start with improving singing. I have no clue about techniques at all… feedback and tips are appreciated.

I get alot of positive feedback from my local ukulele online community, but they are so positive and supportive in general that I wonder if they could be critical about someone's upload 😀

This forum seems like the place to be to get honest feedback from people that are doing alot of singing.

Here are a few links, there are many more but I selected the ones I like the best

royksopp remind me ukulele cover

No sound but the wind bari uku cover

Sleeping by myself eddie vedder uku cover

Thanks in advance


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    Some more info... I started 5 years ago with playing ukulele. Took me a year to learn to play and sing at the same time.

    I really like singing but feel insecure about it. Huge stage fright but I'm really working on it by challenging myself. I seem to have reached a ceiling though and think it might be time to invest a bit in the singing instead of the playing. So I posted here and in another forum (ukulele underground) to get some pointers and feedback.

    Hope to learn from all of you! Lurk around the forum and maybe buy the course once I get some feeling on the community here 🙂
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    hi, if you want to get a feeling for singing, i highly recommend you start doing some daily singing-only exercises. check my profile page for a free sample workout. only with regular exercises can you be your best vocal self. the muscles need to be worked and kept in shape, along with getting down technical aspects as well. if you want to sing with some degree of ambition, there is not really another way other than regular practice. it doesn't have to be this course. but this course is a very good and safe way to get good, if you invest the time and work
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    NProNPro Member Posts: 3
    Sounds like a good place to start! I'll check it out.
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