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Is mixed voice supposed to feel like this

Hello guys...my mixed voice sound really nasal and wide and forced at first but now is starting to stable and less forced....will it be better if I keep practising ...will it be easier


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    Dewy69Dewy69 3.0 Streaming Posts: 35
    If the practice is good practice, I think it can only get better and easier! That is what I am finding. I record along the way and I can easily notice improvement. I should post some....but I am pretty busy, and never get around to it.
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    Paulv5Paulv5 Member Posts: 36
    edited April 2023
    @Dewy69 Well I have no time to practice for now as I am busy with college..but i always try to sing in that ugly tone ..that wide wobble nasal tone...now the wobble is gone and the notes are easier
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