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Feedback on 2 songs (including Dream On - again)

Quick links for those who have no time to read text:
on.soundcloud.com/uVx1w (Dream On)
on.soundcloud.com/skNhP (Here I Go Again)

Longer version with my comments:

I have 2 songs for the beginners section. If anyone has time to lend his/her ears.
What I mostly would like to know if this is an acceptable level to start from or is it just terrible?
I have recorded for a couple of months now, but I have not yet fully understood all the features the software has. I tried a 4:1 compression ratio to make the vocal volume more even.

Dream On (Aerosmith) - I blew chunks on the high part. First high note is sharp, 2nd flat and then sharp again. I am usually not that pitchy on it. In fact there is a clip in another thread where I do the high part a full step up and don't miss.
Some of my old problems occured on the "sing with me.." part. I have problems with the ee vowel. The sound travels to the front of the face.


Here I Go Again (Whitesnake) - Maybe not ideal for my light voice type, but I gave it a go.
I might have botched some of the lyrics.


Dream On is in F#m and Here I Go Again is Ab. So it's +1 on both. I don't think it's any harder than the standard key, but I am pretty light so I try to match the note values where I feel comfortable.

Say something please. No problem if it stinks! I just want to know the details on where to work.

I have worked 16 months on the course, so I am not completely new.


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