Say hello to heaven again

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Hello fellow singers hope you’re all enjoying your journey! I could use your feedback on my third posting of say hello to heaven please let me know what you think!


@michaelmusic @Klaus_T @Maarten @SingForSoup @RLV @Diego @Murbles @DannyOc3an, I would appreciate you giving this a listen and giving me your notes.


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    Hey guys, I edited the original post to tag you all. I don't know if that works, so I'll try it again in a new post:

    @michaelmusic @Klaus_T @Maarten @SingForSoup @RLV @Diego @Murbles @DannyOc3an, I would appreciate you giving this a listen and giving me your notes.
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    Hi there, nice one, I think you nailed it, good job

    If I was to point something out it would be very minor things..

    - Maybe in just a few verses you can avoid scooping or sliding up to the note and landing on top of them instead so you don't hear any slide or scoop.
    - Most of the time you did this right but only in a couple of verses you may have fallen into overenunciation, just be aware to avoid it on each and every phrase, don't leave any overnunciated phrase in there, (Keep a single dominant vowel on the back -preferably the AH- and just morph it slightly to form the words)
    - While your head voice sounds very good and there's a decent ping in it, I think you can benefit even more from training head voice workouts for a greater period of time (as in months) with a gentle volume so even more resonance grows in this area and your head portions gain even more quality. Right now I can tell that it's definitely there, but it's not "Ken's head voice" there yet (of course I say this because you can definitely get there with some more time with training. It's well on its way. Try a gentle volume and a relaxed neutral larynx when training head voice so you 1. don't overbloat the area 2. keep your larynx in check (not raising it much). Resonance grows slowly like a muscle, over time. Keep feeding it always

    Again these are very small details, overall I think you did a killer job

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    @DannyOc3an thanks so much Danny! I really respect your opinion so I feel glad that you think I nailed it! And, as always, I agree with your minor points and I will work on them. I feel lucky to have such a careful listener in you. Thanks Danny!
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