Audition preparation

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Hi guys ! Hope you're doing well. This is a quickly made, recorded from the phone extract that I wanted to share with you, just to have an idea of how you find it.

I'm sorry, my stuff is dead so I couldn't make a better quality recording.

I'm willing to participate to a casting for a national (French) TV show - The Voice like - called Star Academy. The auditions are gonna be next month (June 10th-12th)

I'm searching for a song to choose for the occasion. I thought this one would be great. I just started to learn it. It's in French.

As you may or may not know, I had some trouble managing my voice because of registration issues due the presence of two overlaying vocal fachs in my voice.
I'm on the way to stabilize my voice and find the right balance between my registrations.

With that said, please just take a listen to my shaky new born voice :

My version : Hélène Ségara - Elle tu l'aimes


Still got some work to do. I have to build stamina and tweak some vowel placements. (And learn the lyrics well!)

PS : I might have overdone the end. I was not planning on sending this to you, so I took some liberties and played with it a little bit. ^^

Waiting for your thoughts,


Édit : Here's the link to the original song
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