Please give some feedback.

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I'm Gil
Was a performer in my younger days and looking to find a path for improvement.
Any feedback is cool with me.




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    Baby I'm a fool. This is awesome, Gil. Just keep being you and doing what you do. Nice sustained notes, I like your tone, and the feel. Do more of what you are doing. It's such a nice style.

    On Turn Me On, I think you could add a little air, just simply because of the style of that song. It's not often that we recommend adding air. A little air for style can be a good thing, if used sparingly. With that said, you nailed it.

    If you aren't presently out performing, you need to get your self out there and start singing for the people. Now. Time is wasting. Keep honing your skills and your craft, but a lot of that happens "out there" in the elements.

    The reason I say this is because, in my experience with bands, you can practice and practice as a group, but nothing makes that magic improvement like going onstage and doing show after show, going through song after song. You just get better in ways that practicing alone or in a rehearsal room cannot accommodate. Granted, if you don't do your homework first and go sing and play live without having your act together, you will come across as amateur. But going out live and baking-in all of the muscle-memory training that you have gotten from your KTVA lessons and drills happens best when you do it in front of a crowd of strangers. First, learn what you need to learn. Then go out and bake it in. And then do that some more, and you'll just get better.

    And you're ready to do that. Keep practicing, but start playing/performing again.
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    gil_newsomgil_newsom Enrolled Posts: 5
    That's super encouraging. Thank you. I'll be working on those suggestions.
    Don't have a problem with performing in front of people. Theatre is my background. It's the line up of songs and making sure I don't forget the words. Can't carry a monitor around with me can I? :)
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    LBodeLBode Member Posts: 1
    I think that enunciation wouldve definitely helped the emotional impact of the first song. Now im only a couple years into singing and I am more of a singer songwriter type so I like to focus on the story telling element of songs. That being said, I could very well be biased. Youve got a beautiful voice though, keep going! Get out there and dont let any excuse hold you back. John Lennon forgot the words to some of his songs before but he got through it by singing gibberish :)
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