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Hi, everyone!

My name is Niko (Nikolai), and I'm already a student for years. I moved to LA about 10 months ago. And to that, I do have a specific question. Where and how can I find band members, instrumentalists and singers, for a potential experimental band? How does ot work?

I already tried various schools, and I'm about to look at the Rehearsal Studios. Would you recommend this, or are there another good hints?

Thank you so much, happy weekend to you and... stay heavy... ;)


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    Look in craigslist. I found a band that hired me that I was in for over 13 years. Post your own ad in craigslist.

    In L.A. there are other musician services that help people find bands and musicians. There are some that require payment to join, but many of those are very reputable, and have connections with quality professional musicians and bands.

    Also go to music stores. Larger ones like Guitar Center will often have a bulletin board where people post looking for musicians and singers. You can post your own bulletin, as well as looking at other's bulletins.
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    Thank you for your reply.
    What are those musician services called? Can you please provide some examples?
    Unfortunately, with BandMix, it didn't work out, nor with the Guitar Center in Westwood at Pico Blvd. But would you recommend the one in Hollywood?
    Because in that one of Pico, only older folks are posting bulletins. Therefore, I do wanna post there, and I am looking specifically for people in my age between 24 to 30.

    I haven't tried out Craigslist yet. What would you recommend, how to.use it? And are there another good Websites?
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