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INFJs song feedback thread (50+ songs and counting)

I have done some more stuff and I will put everything in one single thread from now on, so that I don't spam the forum with new topics. Some of the old songs will be in this thread as well.
The objective is to get feedback, so I that know if I suck or not. I am not able to assess that by myself.

Everything is public on Soundcloud now to get some extra views. So far nobody said anything. A couple of likes I did get lol.
Look for Nick Burganowich if the links don't work here.

Some of them have an upped key. I sound pretty boyish and apparently I am naturally high pitched. I have actually turned 40 now, but the voice sounds like I am half that age.

Dream On:

Here I Go Again (Whitesnake):

Jane (Starship) - Mickey Mouse key. I think I hit some notes. I blew chunks on the first F5 and on the lyrics just before that section. The others are on pitch I think.

Mony Mony (Billy Idol):

Cherokee (Europe) - original key. It felt high as it was. I wanted to sing in pure chest and place the sound further away from the face since I have a problem in that I use too much mask. Some G4s are probably a little bit too shouty.
I think I hit the C6 after the 2nd chorus. Did some ad-lib. Not sure, but it went to at least the B.
After failing about 15 times with the song "Carrie" (not sure what goes wrong but I can not sing that song) I tried this one which seemed more suitable.

That's all for now! Happy summer to all KTVAers.
Help me out. No problem if it sucks! I am ready to put more work into this.


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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    Some more stuff.

    Bon Jovi - You Give Love A Bad Name (+2 keys)


    Urgent (Foreigner)
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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    More recordings.

    @Terence - if you are still on here, do you have time to help me out?
    I would like to know if I can work along this path or if it sounds like I could hurt myself.

    Soundcloud shares and commentators are basically fake. It might be automated systems that try to draw traffic to their own sites. One song has 2 likes, 1 share on 0 plays. Does not make sense.
    So I am looking for actual people that can listen.

    Audiomack seems to be less infected by these bots or whatever they are.
    All recordings can be accessed through the link below. There are some recordings that are not on Soundcloud.

    Turn up the radio (G major - Autograph original key)

    Holy Diver (Dio original key)
    Just the 1st verse for now, as this one is on the heavier side for me. The note values are not difficult, but bringing maximum power in to the sound is (for me - might be different for others).

    Rocking all over the world. In the style of Status Quo (the backing track), but I took the key up to D instead of C. I believe that is the same key as John Fogerty.

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    TerenceTerence 3.0 Streaming Posts: 356
    edited August 2023
    Commenting on only the last post which has three songs to listen to:

    "Turn up the radio" shows your blend to be much improved, good work! I don't hear anything vocally harmful here. If you sing this consistently like an exercise it would further develop your blend. How thick you want to make it is a matter of style preference but you might want to have the option to make it thicker in places, regardless. Other than that just shoot for making it more crisp by singing precisely on the beat which you're already doing in most places.

    Similar comments for "Holy Diver": blend is good, key is right, sininging on beat is good but this one is pitchy.

    "Rocking all over the world" is my least favorite only because of the way your volume is uneven on the "like it"s and "over's". You're not straining but the impression is that you are due to backing off the volume on those. Can you sing them evenly?

    I'm sure the moderators would agree that more feedback can be had by posting just some simple LAH triads. Not everyone takes the time to listen to full songs.

    Overall, great improvement!
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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    @Terence Thank you so much! I appreciate you took the time.
    I was on vacation for a few weeks. Now I am back with the training program again.
    That's great that you can hear an improvement.

    Yes, I am deliberately backing off on those parts, most of the times. I am aware it does not sound good. The same note is already in the verse, so it can be done with a heavier approach, but when they repeat so many times in the chorus it becomes harder to manage. It might be a support issue. I am not sure.
    I often have this problem in that area. There is a very obvious pull when I am leaving G#4 for A4. I think this is where the 2nd passagio starts for me. I don't feel any big pull before that area. In the exercises A4 always require a lot more effort than G#4.
    I tested recording the Status Quo song again. Trying to add more weight and volume in those areas. This is done with a greater risk of pitch issues. Half a step flat several times.
    I guess I need to work this song more.

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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    Some other stuff. Not really rock.

    Don't let the sun go down on me - George Michael version.
    I mostly tried to follow those original note values. Added a couple of G4s along the way and one C5 near the end just for the sake of doing something differently.
    The mix voice A4-C5 section near the end is not thick enough to match the chest notes. I tried to avoid a frontal setting. This is a huge problem for me when it travels in to the nose in mix. Not sure which exercise could mitigate that.

    One way ticket (by the band Eruption).
    This is a female vocalist song. I stayed with the original key. Some problems with hard consonants. I chose to blast through them anyway, lol. The Db5 near the end I managed to hit without sounding so nasal.
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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    If the soundcloud link does not work:
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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    edited March 24
    Foreigner - Urgent (G major - original key).
    Most of the song this time. I cut out the saxophone part and the end where the chorus repeats.
    It sounds better than the first half baked attempt, me thinks.

    On Audiomack:
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    TerenceTerence 3.0 Streaming Posts: 356
    INFJ said:

    Foreigner - Urgent (G major - original key).
    Most of the song this time. I cut out the saxophone part and the end where the chorus repeats.
    It sounds better than the first half baked attempt, me thinks.


    On Audiomack:

    Showing improvement in head voice strength and blend. Due to that, ironically, it's becoming harder to tell where the thickness of your blend is a stylistic choice, or you are not yet able to increase the ratio of chest in the blend as you'd like.

    Your latest posts are less pitchy, which is another area of improvement. However, there are times when it's obvious you were reaching for a note and didn't get the pitch you wanted. When that happens, as with any singer, it's probably better not to reach for it. For example, you could sing a well-formed and supported note, and listeners will trash it because the pitch was off. Or, as I like to put it, a Stradivarius may as well be a cheap Yamaha if it's not in tune (Comment only applicable to some of your isolated lines, not in general.)

    IMO, it will be tough for you to get specific, actionable feedback from the forum now unless you post the LAH arpeggios and scales in head and chest. As @Klaus_T points out, such removes any stylistic interpretation out of the feedback.

    I took a year and a half before submitting simple LAH and EE scales for feedback. When I did, the feedback was pure gold! (I did them live on three of the webinars and received the feedback directly from Ken, so you won't find them on the forum, in my case.)
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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    edited March 24
    @Terence - thank you so much for being on the sideline as the "head coach" on my journey. It has been very helpful!
    5 months of headvoice training seem to be paying off. I have started with vol 5 again and it makes more sense now. I'm in the process of stretching the chest upwards. Instead of relying on the lighter mix sound. It seems I can actually go higher in pure chest than I previously thought. With pure chest I mean a belted chest voice (no mixing) where much of the weight from the speaking register is still present, just to be clear how I define it. The main thing is to not be too shouty. This stretching exercise might mitigate some of the pitch problems. I am not sure. But seems that if I stretch Bb4 a lot in the exercises then the A4 becomes more manageable in songs. I don't know if that is the way it works but feels like that.

    I see. Well, I have not paid any attention to recording scales since he said in the program that you can do the scales perfectly but still fail in songs because of glottal stops etc. Maybe that was a misunderstanding of the concept on my part. I can try to record something. They should be chest + headvoice clips or should it be one clip where you connect and then bring it in to full head? Full range or just let go when you are in headvoice only?
    Only arpeggios or can you do a major or inverted scale?


    Some recent stuff which is subject for scrutiny. It does not have to be highly technical feedback. I mainly want to know if the sound is acceptable and I can work along those lines. Or if it lacks emotion or style.


    Foreigner - Head Games (upped key). Just the start of the song. Trying to avoid mask. Yet on the phrase "high time" I did it again. Other than that it felt comfortable.



    Dio - Holy Diver. Original key. 2nd attempt. Trying to redeem myself with a less pitchy approach. Was it better?



    McCoys - Hang On Sloopy. Original key. It sits relatively well for me since most of it is at G4.



    Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers. Original key. I am dubious if this is fairly ok or just too energetic and I am messing up the whole tune. Therefore I wish that if somebody just listened to one track in this list it should be this one.
    This was recorded after I had stretched the chest voice extensively (for being me) in the vol 5 workout.
    The original seems pretty nasal on the A4s. I tried to do most of those notes without mixing and trying to keep the throat open.
    A bit shouty as it trails off. It felt comfortable though. No problems during the song or afterwards. I have an old hernia and it sometimes messes things up. Yet on this recording I had the support ready and felt I could use the whole body frame to the max.
    On "the echo of your past" it felt like a good placed note. It hardly had a pulling sensation which is unusual for me at that altitude. Normally I have to "fight" more to hold a note like that. The small chord ripping that can be heard on that line was not intentional. I don't know anything about distortion. I listened to his videos but it does not distort when I try the exercises.
    I went in energetic, but after the 1st verse I backed off somewhat, since I saw I had fair control of the note values (used live note values on this recording so I have the pitch reference in a window just above the lyrics).
    I listened to Joe Lynn Turner's version. He is similar to my voice type so I am looking at his content for some tips and tricks. His voice is still good at 72 years so must have been a healthy approach.
    The adlib was a D4-F4 and release to C6 that I came up with in order to just do something instead of having silence. Those notes are in that key, but maybe it sounds like shit?




    Genesis - Land Of Confusion. Original key.
    Only on Audiomack. This one is difficult. Goes up to Bb4 a lot and it seems he does it in chest only (most of the times at least) unless my hearing is not that great. Looks like they lowered the key mid 1986 which is understandable. The risk of straining is huge if you attempt chest only on the top notes and keep most of the muscle mass. I wobbled through somehow with an uneven approach.



    That's all :D


    @michaelmusic I noticed in another thread you were offering to help people with feedback. If you have anything to say about the more recent stuff it would be interesting to hear your analysis. It's not with video, but still.
    The songs from this spring which can be found early in the thread mainly suck. I am going to delete them eventually.

    I will be taking notes about anything feedback related. Please expose my vulnernabilities and shortcomings. I want to know where to apply changes and more work. It can be a comment just generally speaking or on a specific line in a song.

    Comments from other beginners are also welcomed. Maybe you see some pitfalls which you just encountered yourself.

    This should be a learning process that never ends.
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    michaelmusicmichaelmusic 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 254
    Hello Nick,

    Thanks for tagging me! I listened to Head Games and Holy Diver.

    Sounds like you definitely have the ability to sing songs from tenor vocalists. In both cases, I hear a lack of consistency in vocal placement. Larynx is raising in the throat. Not having lots of resonance in the mouth cavity. No vibrato (don't worry about this yet).

    I would start by posting LAH AH with video. Be very particular when doing these exercises. Likely, you are not opening the mouth as wide or singing that bright ping as well as you can. This is something hard for most people (including myself) to grasp.

    We want to build a strong foundation that includes that bright and consistent ping along with body fundamentals like breath support and proper vocal placement.

    Keep up the great work and posting these covers. Stuff like this will help you grow!
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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    Thank you for that feedback @michaelmusic ! Much appreciated.

    So some new info to take into account.
    Raising larynx - is that what causes "shoutiness" and some unwanted tension in the sound?
    So raising the soft palate more? I understand the concept, but difficult to do it in practise. Does it help if you try to expose a lot of the upper teeth row? Some say that's part of it.

    I will work on some AH scales. Maybe I should bring a mirror for tonight's practise (I should practise even though it's New Year). I have never looked at myself when doing these exercises.


    Two more songs which are up for feedback.

    Rainbow - Street Of Dreams
    I think this one was less shouty. Felt good actually. Although there is an unwanted volume increase when it hits some of the A4s. I stayed on the safe side the whole song. Skipped the Db5 adlib. Better to learn the basics first.

    Direct link if it does not work: on.soundcloud.com/HEKKr
    Audiomack, if soundcloud is broken: https://audiomack.com/nick-burganowich/song/street-of-dreams-rainbow-vocal-cover


    Guns N Roses - Sweet Child o' Mine.
    Only on Audiomack because there was a licensing issue on Soundcloud and I dont want to pay 20 dollars just for internal feedback purposes.



    Isolated vocal track - Sweet Child o' Mine
    I chose a more open and clean sound than the original of course. I need to stay away from a lot of mask since my frontal singing is super ugly when it gets stuck in that position. On the phrase "to a special place" something happened. It's not very obvious when you have the instrumental track running. But the tone and pitch suffered after that. I suspect it was the P consonants that messed things up.

    Direct link if it does not work: on.soundcloud.com/2BZQN
    Audiomack: https://audiomack.com/nick-burganowich/song/isolated-vocal-track-sweet-child-o-mine


    That's it for 2023.

    Happy New Year to anyone reading the thread!
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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    I am returning. New stuff that is up for scrutiny including the anticipated AH vowel scales!

    It's from the vol 2 piano guide. The simple triad (octave).
    The top notes would be C#4 to C#5.
    C#3 is basically as low as I can go comfortably without major pitch problems and wobbly sound.
    C#5 is the highest I can go with chest connection without sounding nasal, so I quit there since I hate the nasal sound.
    This is basically how I practise every day so let's hope it is not an unhealthy sound.
    I am not so good with ditching weight or modifying. If anything of that is going on it came automatically.

    AH scales C#4-C#5

    or soundcloud.com/nick-burganowich/ah-vowel-sounds-c4-c5


    Down Under (Colin Hay / Men At Work)

    or soundcloud.com/nick-burganowich/downunder

    or Audiomack: https://audiomack.com/nick-burganowich/song/down-under-colin-hay-vocal-cover


    Have You Ever Seen The Rain (CCR)

    or soundcloud.com/nick-burganowich/have-you-ever-seen-the-rain-ccr-vocal-cover

    or Audiomack: https://audiomack.com/nick-burganowich/song/have-you-ever-seen-the-rain-ccr-vocal-cover


    Adios Mexico (Doug Sahm cover)

    or soundcloud.com/nick-burganowich/adios-mexico-doug-sahm-vocal-cover

    or Audiomack: https://audiomack.com/nick-burganowich/song/adios-mexico-doug-sahm-vocal-cover

    Perhaps an unusual cover. This stuff is probably popular only in the state of Texas because it is like tejano combined with rock n roll. But I liked the sound of his voice and that he can go fairly high. My dad was acquainted with this guy, but it was like 100 years ago.
    I am not used to backing vocals that are higher than the lead, so I mainly followed up to the A4 when it should have been lower.


    New 2024 attempt on Dream On (Aerosmith). I stayed with the upped key since I believe it can be done on this one. Trying to eliminate nasality and pull chest as much as possible.
    I didn't feel I struggled much, except after the A5/G#5 toggle. I went on until I had zero air and that was not good for the next phrases. They became weaker and sometimes nasal. The song ended on a very weak note.

    or soundcloud.com/nick-burganowich/dream-on-aerosmith-vocal-cover-upped-key-version

    or Audiomack: https://audiomack.com/nick-burganowich/song/dream-on-aerosmith-vocal-cover-upped-key


    Hold The Line (Toto cover)

    or soundcloud.com/nick-burganowich/hold-the-line-toto-vocal-cover

    or Audiomack: https://audiomack.com/nick-burganowich/song/hold-the-line-toto-vocal-cover


    November Rain (Guns N' Roses)
    Only on Audiomack: https://audiomack.com/nick-burganowich/song/november-rain-guns-n-roses-vocal-cover


    Tagging those who helped me in the past. If you have time guys.

    I have more stuff on the drawing board.
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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    C#4 to C#5 AH scales link again since the Soundcloud automatic link does not work for this one for some reason.



    Rueda de Fuego - Spanish version of Ring Of Fire.

    If anybody is able to assess this I would like to know how did I do with the new language. I do speak basic Spanish, but I have never tried singing it except for in the car.
    Did the vocals 1 octave up which fits me better and I can stay in chest voice still. The original is out of my comfort zone and some low notes are completely out of reach.
    Am I missing the beat significantly in the end of the 1st verse? I had to study this thing with time signatures, but it's still difficult to hit correctly even when counting.

    Big In Japan (Alphaville cover)


    F major, which should be the original key.
    The track was forbidden on Soundcloud and the censors did not offer a solution with buying a license, so it's only on Audiomack.

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    TerenceTerence 3.0 Streaming Posts: 356

    Nick, All your links work except the all-important AH Scales (neither of the two links work.) You'd get the best feedback from that link, alone, for many reasons. I'd even recommend posting it in its own thread so people know exactly what you want them to listen to and it will only take them a minute or so to listen.

    Your blend continues to improve and you're settling into your true tessitura. I think your main focus now would be on pitch and then on dynamics. All the tracks you posted have long sections that are consistently off pitch. I'm not talking about stylistic choices but where you don't make the pitch you're going for, not because the pitch is too high or low but just that you're not on pitch. Ken has a pitch section in version 3 but don't know if its in version 2. If not, an excellent app I use in every practice session is:

    TonalEnergy Tuner & Metronome

    You have the ability to use more dynamics but are not taking advantage of them. That leads to long sequences where the volume of the vocals is identical. Are your compression settings doing that? In any case, more dynamics would make everything better, IMO.

    Your song choices are fun and it's obvious you're working hard and getting results so mucho kudos on that!
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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    @Terence Thank you brother!

    The detailed feedback is great.

    So it appears I have not been able to improve much lately regarding the pitch. Unfortunately I cannot hear this very clearly. Especially if it's like half step flat/sharp my ears don't really notice.
    That looks like a good app. Is there a similar thing that will work on a Win 10 laptop?
    Does direct monitoring help with this? It has never worked for me because of latency issues. I cannot hear myself in the headphones.
    I guess a lack of monitors is mainly an issue if you are in a noisy setting? Where I practise it is very calm.

    Dynamics / compression
    I am not sure, but I think the compression settings probably cause some of this. I can see the graphs are mostly all aligned. It looks like a neat forest of planted trees.
    I really don't know much about the subject. There was "some guy somewhere" who said a 4:1 compression ratio is good for rock songs, so I went with that. I am very quiet in the 3rd octave and up to around D4 and it helped with bringing up some volume, but probably destroyed the dynamics. Manual amplification on individual sections would be a better solution then I guess.

    For reference, I did a Beatles song yesterday in which I throttled the compression ratio way down from 4:1 to only 1.2:1.
    It's not very high (mostly E4-F4 and once up to G4 if talking about chest notes - I also did some dumb improvised higher notes in mix, but let's disregard from those now lol). The instrumentation is mostly piano and very clear. So it could be a reference not just for dynamics but also for pitch. I had live notes turned on (Cantovation - which shows the notes, but not in relation to a specific key) for this song. It's not possible to look there all the time, since I don't know the lyrics and have to read those lines first.

    Let It Be (Beatles / Paul McCartney):

    Last but not least I changed the C#4-C#5 AH scales to public and now it appears work, at least in the preview I get. Check it out.

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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    edited March 10
    I have some more stuff that is available for scrutineering on the interwebs. Instead of shitposting everything at once I will take the one I would like people to click the most for feedback.
    This song basically covers the entire chestvoice comfort zone. G#3 to A#4.
    For those who want specific questions to answer I have the 2:15 time stamp. Is that a well placed note or is it just in my little head?

    @michaelmusic If you have time. Do you think I have more open space in this song than the past stuff? Any progress at all?
    Also, the AH scales are in the post above, if the link is working now.

    Against All Odds (Phil Collins) - Bbm (original key)

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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    Here is one that felt fairly suitable. This was a rare 1st take occasion actually. I changed some of the note selections. In the end there are a lot of changes. I can drop to D3 (it's in the scales above) but D4 is more comfortable and less of a risk that I mess the whole song up.
    I just improvised in the end. I am fascinated by the Robert Plant live version of this song. Some note selections are from that performance.
    In the beginning one can hear that I am not very loud. Not until it hits F#4 the volume picks up.

    Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen)

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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    Here is some of the other stuff. I am just throwing it out there and people can click and comment if they like.

    Starman (David Bowie +2 keys) - I chose another key, which complicated the high part but was more comfortable for the verses.


    Some On The Water (Deep Purple) - I found the phrasing and lyrics to be difficult. But the song is moving slowly, which gives time to push chestvoice upwards.


    Angels ( Robbie Willams +1 key) - I heard this song here on the forum a while back and I liked that version. It starts fairly low which I why I upped the key. I tried to find alternative note selections along the way. Not sure if it was a success.


    Take On me (a-ha)


    Little Lies (Fleetwood Mac) - I wanted to try a male cover. Kept the original key.


    Don't Look Back In Anger (Oasis)


    That's all for now.
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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    Here is some more stuff. A nice girl was kind and drew a cover picture for me, so now the Soundcloud page looks better :smiley:

    Since You Been Gone (Rainbow)
    This song is not as high as others in this list, but it moves too quickly for me. It sounds more like street singing this one. I lost control several times. A breath control problem?


    Sussudio (Phil Collins)


    Send Me An Angel (Scorpions)
    The original has a lot of mask which is not good for me to emulate as I sound like Mickey Mouse. So I opted for a more open sound. In terms of note values and tempo this one sits in a comfortable area.

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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    An Easter batch before I go on holiday.

    Learning To Fly (Tom Petty) 2 keys up


    Somebody To Love (Queen) Very raw. I just went through it on the 1st attempt and that was the result.


    Stand By Me (John Lennon)


    Sweet Caroline (Julio Iglesias) 2 keys up. In Spanish. Probably unusual for non-native speakers, but I have been subjected to this type of music (family in Mexico) since I was a baby so does not feel uncommon.

    That's all. Happy Easter holidays!
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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    Hey Jude (The Beatles) I think this is the most accurate vocals I have been able to do so far. I might be wrong, but this felt better than anything posted above. It moves slowly, which is a plus for me, because it increases the chances of becoming the "conscious competent" that is referenced as one of the steps in the course. I constantly need to think about what I am doing. Almost nothing happens by chance.
    I took the falsettto note up a bit. I think the original is Bb5 but I decided to go to town. So the song covers F3 to C6.

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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    PSA to my 2 followers on all sites (lol). I have started uploading on Rumble.



    One more song from last night.

    Oasis - Wonderwall. 2 keys up.

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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    On the agenda tonight.

    Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Green Day) +1 key


    Bad Moon Rising (CCR). Not sure if this style fits my voice that well, but anyway.


    Travelin' Band (CCR). Just no. Tempo is too fast and the constant stabbing on the A4 in pure chest voice makes it difficult to keep things together. Another sign of a breath management problem? Maybe should work the huffing exercise more?


    Wonderwall (Oasis) +2 keys. Took it up a bit since I decided I can comfortably go higher. Tried 1,2,3 keys up but settled on 2.


    That's all.
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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    On the agenda tonight, April 21st 2024.

    Ticket To Ride (The Beatles)


    Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Elton John) I experimented a bit, especially towards the end.


    Abracadabra (The Steve Miller Band) +2 keys


    Over and out.
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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    I tried something completely different. This might be almost blasphemy on a rock oriented platform, but anyway.
    The first country song.
    Significant key upping on this one. I don't know about BR Cyrus, but I guess he is like a lower baritone.
    Staying at the F4 is good on this one, since there is no apparent pulling sensation there and I can sing it without much effort, trying to preserve the original style of the song and not make it a belted rock song.

    Achy Breaky Heart (Billy Ray Cyrus) 4 keys up:
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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    A new batch. Most of them on Audiomack, because I was not sure about the origins of the backing tracks.

    I Want It All (Queen) 1 key up. It felt ok, but I am not happy with the C5s, that I cannot attain more power. At that altitude I cannot push a heavy muscle mass any longer and I am losing the tone completely. I just don't manage to get a round sound in mix, that would resemble the pure chest voice. It goes to this nasal setting.
    Basically it means that I have up to Bb4 in mainly unmitigated chest voice and then from E5-F5 I use reinforced falsetto which doesn't sound nasal.
    From B4 to Eb5 there will be nothing of value. I avoid long passages in this zone because I don't want to sound like Mickey Mouse. These notes are not difficult to get to in mix, but it sounds like shit! .


    Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac)



    Un Canto A Galicia (Julio Iglesias) 2 keys up. This is sung in gallego, which I do not speak. But it's not very far from regular Spanish. Sort of a mixture between Spanish and Portuguese.
    Any KTVA:ers who are from Galicia/Spain/Portugal can help me point out my language mistakes.
    Key changed from F# to G#. Iglesias is a low tenor as far as I can tell. I need to have the bottom resting notes slightly higher. Otherwise I end up in murky waters.



    Video Killed The Radio Star (The Buggles).


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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    One new.
    This Love (Maroon 5) No backup vocals, so the chorus is just me.

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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 101
    I saw this song on a KTVA page a few ago and wanted to do a rendition.

    Bad Day - Daniel Powter
    It's in E instead of Eb. I ducked some notes on the bridge. Found that part to be the most difficult, no matter what key.

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