please help me!!

hello all, my name is Luke, I had bought the how to sing better than anyone else bundle several years ago. i didn't really start doing the program until maybe a month or so ago. I was an otr truck driver so i didn't really have the best time to sit and devote to the program. I have always wanted to be a musician, in fact i play the guitar also. I am self taught. however with my voice i wanted to take a little more precaution. so now that i am doing the program faithfully everyday I can fell my voice getting better, my tonal qualities match the chords better, but i'm stuck with still sounding flat, or worse monotone. how can i overcome this while singing and playing?


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    also ken if you can see this I would just like to say thank you for helping to make my dream a possiblity.
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    I did alot of the program while driving and still do. I would listen to the volumes over and over while driving as well. This wasn't ideal but much better than nothing. Post some scales when you are ready for feed back.
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