Please allow me...

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to introduce myself. :)
My name is Robert and I just joined up for the streaming course a few weeks ago and finally joined the forum. I'm learning a ton, and am also starting to work with a couple of great singers locally for some feedback as I progress. (One of them studied at an opera conservatory in New York and teaches voice for a living.). It seems better than just relying on a mirror to point out things I need to correct and work on.

I am 60 years old, but I identify at a 30-something and often tell people I am 30-30. It confuses people who don't really know math. I am more of a guitarist than vocalist, but had some voice training in more of an operatic context in my early 20s as well as one semester of voice taken in college. My style is along the lines of early Led Zeppelin with some Ronnie James Dio influence among many others. Looking to widen the sweet spot of my vocal range and improve my vibrato as well as work on pushing melodies around a bit more. For some reason I have no problem elaborating on an idea with guitar, but on voice I don't explore as much. I also find that I lose a bit of power in the lower end of my range and want to get a more consistent and powerful tone in my upper range without getting harsh.

I played in a band called Black Dove in Orange County, California back in the late 80s, but left the seen to clean up my life and messed up and got a real job. I just started getting back into performing when I did an acoustic open mic thing last July that lead to a pretty busy solo acoustic gigging schedule locally. This inspired me to get back into a band and I formed a power trio with a drummer that has been playing since we were in high school and a bass player who moved to our small town (Klamath Falls, OR) about a year ago. We have only played a few shows, but are starting to get a bit of a following. This inspired me to put in more effort into being the best vocalist I can be. The band is called King of Denial, and it is just one of those odd phrases that popped into my head one day.

Look forward to participating a bit on the forum and to learning more from Ken and the rest of you!
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