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Am I a bass-baritone?

Hi everyone. I've just started working through the KTVA 3.0 course and am enjoying it so far. I'd say I'm an intermediate singer and I have a lot to work on, so am looking forward to working through the course and improving. 🙂

I was having a discussion about voice types at work the other day and someone asked me what mine was. I think I'm a bass-baritone, based on what I have read about fachs, but I'm not sure, so I wondered if anyone could clarify. I agree that voice types aren't great in terms of limiting people, but it would be quite nice to know.

My total vocal range is normally about this: G#1-F5 including weak vocal fry and falsetto (I can go into the 6th octave in whistle voice but it sounds awful, so we'll forget that :D ). My chest voice normally stops at about E2/F2, I think my register break is D4, and I've never managed to belt chest higher than G4.

I'm definitely most comfortable in the lower baritone area, so songs like Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm by Crash Test Dummies, See That Girl by The Righteous Brothers and Your Man by Josh Turner really suit my voice. I don't think I'm a bass, because the sound of the low notes isn't as heavy below an F2 and my C2 and C#2 are fairly weak, anything in the first octave is very weak. My speaking voice is normally about F2.

Would love to hear your opinions. Whether I'm a bass-baritone or not, I won't let it limit me.


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    INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 114
    Not sure what bass-baritone means exactly as they're usually two different Fachs, but what you describe does sound like a low baritone. A standard mid baritone seem to often have the break on the E4. I guess some high baris can approach low tenor territory. Nothing is 100% certain when it comes to voice types. But it is interesting to try fo figure out what Fach you are in. It helps a lot when picking songs.
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