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I have Chronic Sinusitis, this month its been a bit rougher.

This month it's been more annoying and came with an ear ache and sore throat. I'm eager to start practicing. Today is the first day my ear and throat where not bothering me but even in warm ups I can feel this uncomfortable tug a uncomfortable pull. While
checking my tongue placement I could see that the back of my throat looked a little irritated. Usually this never happens, I don't get that uncomfortable tug when I warm up or when I practice, it only happens when my sinusitis flares up. I'm eager to start practicing again, but I don't want to do any damage. Should I power through or wait until that uncomfortable tug goes away.


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    RogueTruckerRogueTrucker 2.0 ENROLLED, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 3
    Hello, i'll tell you a personal experience. I had a serious problem of sore throat and sinusitis for 3 over years that led me to visit many specialist doctors, first Helicobacter pylori was found in my stomach, and it was the first suspected of causing some type of reflux, and after 2 rounds. of different antibiotics, the problem persisted, so the otolaryngologist checked my vocal cords for nodules or polyps and found nothing, but said my throat looked red and with small sores. So the gastroenterologist did an upper endoscopy looking for a hiatal hernia and found nothing. Now I am with the allergist, under immunotherapy treatment, based on injections of small doses of the things to which I am allergic. So right now I'm starting to feel better. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to sing for 4 years, not even basic vocal exercises without feeling pain or ending up in pain. It is important that you go to medical services, and I hope you get a more accurate and faster diagnosis than me.
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    Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,410
    sorry to hear you are both struggling with these problems, @SuzyRose & @RogueTrucker

    you both seem to have issues with inflammation, which can be related to problems with your microbiome and diet.

    i highly suggest you check out the teachings of Tim Spector and Sten Ekberg. the first one is an expert on gut microbiome, and the latter is a proponent of intermittent fasting (among other things) and has a very informative youtube channel.

    any case is different so you need to research this on your own, but the general idea is that modern medicine fiddles with the symptoms, while the root cause of most civilization diseases is too much sugar, processed foods, a damaged microbiome and in general a lifestyle our bodies were not designed for and had no chance to adapt to in the few decades that we live like we do now these days.

    a few keywords to help you start your research: microbiome, chronic inflammation, insulin resistance, autophagy, cortisol, stress

    have a look for yourself and hopefully you find some helpful information for your individual conditions.
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