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Backwards Placement?

In terms of singing in chest voice/belting I have noticed that "forward placement" or singing into the mask helps with brightness, pitch and resonance. However, when going into a mixed voice I feel the placement shifts backwards a bit. I don't want to say back of the throat but more the soft palate but also simultaneous with a touch of nasality. Is this normal/right? Or am I just doing it wrong, haha. I know everyone sort of feels these things a little differently, but that is the general idea if I'm explaining it properly.


  • TerenceTerence 3.0 Streaming Posts: 292
    edited June 27
    Belting within my call register (below passagio) is somewhat assisted by singing into the mask but such is not necessary for proper placement. When taking that same belt up into mixed the resonant area does go very slightly back and up, so that seems to confirm your observation.

    These are involuntary shifts of resonance following from proper placement and change of pitch.

    After getting warmed up, tonight, I'll give it another try and report back if there's anything noteworthy.

    Update: After warmup I have the same sensations, more pronounced: "taking that same belt up into mixed the resonant area does go very slightly back and up."

    As an aside, I'm glad for your question as I'm usually focused on pockets of resonance in the throat rather than skull. The top of the skull does ring and it's funny to know it's the original reason for calling it "head voice."
  • MarkHMusicMarkHMusic 2.0 PRO Posts: 28
    @Terence thanks for the reply and the input! I feel like it was important to bring up because many people are always so focused on forward placement that I thought this observation was worth mentioning. I have sung into and I guess slightly above my passagio with the very bratty "Nay" technique, as taught elsewhere, but the tone is very weak and thin sounding. I also don't think that is a very sustainable sound.
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