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Stage fright

Hey guys ☺️

I hope you re doing well!
Today I was at a karaoke bar with some friends and I became really nervous when singing in front of strangers. I sing in the band, at home, in front of people I know but its super different when it comes to a karaoke stage and I guess a live band performance (only had live shows at school).
While I was singing my voice was trembling at some points and my hand was shaking, which was really embarrassing tbh 🙈
Do you have any tips for stage fright? I really want to perform on stage like I do when Im home 😃 (alcohol is no choice lol )



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    Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,406
    it's normal to a degree, some people have it more than others. being well prepared, and knowing you know the material well helps with confidence. you can also do breathing exercises like box breathing (breathe in for 4 sec, hold 4 sec, breathe out for 4 sec, hold 4 sec, repeat) or similar calming techniques to calm down before you go on. also, perform live (even if just for a couple friends) as often as possible to get used to it
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    Ifigenia94Ifigenia94 3.0 Streaming Posts: 55
    Breathing exercises and regular performing sound like a good plan!
    We wanted to perform on a small stage, but maybe I am not ready yet. So performing first in front of friends might be more realistic!
    Thanks for your input 🤘🏼
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