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Hi everyone,

My name is Colin and I’m a pro performer from the UK. I’m here because although i sing professionally I still feel very disheartened a lot as I know I’m nowhere near my full potential.

I have performed on cruise ships, no1 musicals etc. I also perform, on average, twice a week, 3x45 min sets in clubs, pubs and hotels. (I don’t usually call it sets as it’s more of a show I do)

But my sets are my “rent” money when I’m not on a show.

I really haven’t trained to the level I perform at and it’s now starting to show. Honestly, I’m surprised I haven’t ruined my voice yet. My voice gets tired and “hoarse” but I tend to push through. It takes me about 2 days to recover. But I do have some training. That’s why I probably get through tbh.

I also tend to focus more on being an entertainer-comedy anctor, even though I have a good voice. This is really due to the fact I know I’m not always using it correctly. Especially when I go high. Confidence is a problem.

I really just need guidance. When I’m on shows I get some good information from Musical directors. But its information that’s all over the place. It’s also contrasting from MD to MD.

I’ve pretty much always worked. But it’s time I got serious about looking after and progressing forward to becoming a great singer.

Ken I really need you help.

I am going to be purchasing your course. I was going to do it today. Unfortunately, I got asked through my agent to go to an audition in London at the end of the month, at 6pm. So I need to wait for final confirmation to buy a flight 🤦‍♂️ Anything else this would take priority. It’s the most important thing to me right.

But I will be getting on it.

Anyway I thought I should engage in here and tell
A little bit of story to get me going.

Anyone else in a similar situation to me?


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