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Thank you Ken. No pain this morning!

Hi Everyone, so I am a pro singer (musical theatre, clubs, hotels etc) and I joined KTVA literally 4 days ago. This may sound weird but I’m gonna give you a bit of background. Hope you see it’s not only beginners that need guidance.

I’ve had numerous lessons since leaving drama school in 2003 but mostly group sessions since then on shows etc.

Tbh I have been struggling for years. I really thought my voice was going; pitch issues, forced power, general lack of technique and control. Then this year I was doing a show at Disneyland Paris and a vocal coach corrected me on my placement. Something that helped me a little. But, It got me thinking. So I put “ego” aside and thought to myself I think I need to go get some help/training. I started watching different videos all over YouTube to try and find someone that speaks/shows sense.

I won’t just go and get a singing teacher as (I’ve been let down numerous times in the past with people giving me half information.)

Eventually I found Ken. I honestly, have never met someone who is more thorough and clear, that presents an ease of sound that I would like to emulate, especially in the upper register.

Anyway, I gig a couple of times of week and last night I took 2 of the concepts I have re-learnt through Ken’s course (I have been doing incorrectly maybe forever). These were the vowel modifications (Big Problem for me, still working on these obviously) but more importantly in my case was diaphragm support. ( I have been doing this half right for years)

Folks, coming from a pro singer. OMG. I haven’t sounded so good… EVER!

I’ve been hoarse for a couple of weeks as I knew I had damaged my voice doing some comedy character singing. But even though I had this problem I was able to sing probably the best I ever have😊 and I’m talking full out.

I also really enjoyed it. I haven’t been for a while. In fact, I have been holding back for quite some time and cheating.

A super bonus, I even woke up with no pain and just the hoarseness from the other day (usually I would wake up in pain). I’m heading to the rehearsal studio today and I’m not worrying about being able to get through it.

Ken I just want to thank you for creating this course and using all your knowledge, time and money.

Hopefully I can take a in person lesson once I complete the course for the first time.

Thank you Ken 🙏

You have saved, changed my career when I have had nowhere to turn.

For those of you starting out. Take your time and learn everything. I wish I had when I started singing many years ago. Don’t cut corners and don’t give up. You will get there.



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    michaelmusicmichaelmusic 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 267
    Thank you for sharing! Definitely, well-accomplished professional singers can lack the foundations that lead to longevity and consistency in the voice.

    If you are waking up in pain, I would first caution you to consider stopping using the voice anytime there's pain. Bigger issues may be happening that first need rest and possibly rehabilitation with the help of a professional. I don't know, just cautioning you.

    I would start slow with V1 and C2 understanding those concepts and doing daily vocal exercises to ensure you are using the correct technique and hopefully recovering the voice properly to avoid any permanent damage.

    I hope to schedule my 3rd lesson with Ken later this year!

    I am currently working to improve my vowel modifications even after being a student in the course for 2 years. If you'd like, please share any videos of before and after applying better vowel modifications.

    Continue to share your journey with us :)
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