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Can I have some feedback

I've been doing various exercises from ken's youtube channel...I myself feel like I've improved a bit ..but it may not be as good as i feel..so it would be really nice if someone else give an opinion😇👍


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    JoshuaJoshua Member, Enrolled, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 115
    Sounds good man! I don't know where the starting point was but this sounds pretty good. You've got a usable instrument now!

    My only critque is this:

    When you do you workouts, focus more on putting the pressure on your diaprahgm rather than your throat. In a couple places your pitchiness, which wasn't super bad, sounded like overshoots. I think, perhaps, at certain points and phrases you're not trusting that diaphram to do the work and transferring the stress to the throat, which, can work, especially if you're using mask, for a while. Which you are using mask....so - I'd focus on trying to find a deeper placement, rather than relying on mask to get through the melody.

    In volume 2 of the 1.0 product that's an exercise where Ken shows the La, Ah OO OH AH exercise. Maybe like track 12 or something. THAT exercise will help you find placement better because in order to do it correctly you have to find a deeper placement in the throat and you can't use mask to do it correctly.
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    Paulv5Paulv5 Member Posts: 36
    edited September 2023

    Thanks. Alot man...you just gave me a great advice...i wouldn't know about that in the first place 😄. Yes it's true whenever I sing and play guitar at the same time I tend to forgot to focus on my diaphragmatic support and force it all on my throat
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