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Hi All,
I am an experienced guitarist, but new to to the idea of actually being a vocalist, at the age of 58!
I can't seem to do lip trills for the life of me. I have tried the fingers, etc.
Is it that important? Is there something I can do instead?

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    Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,406
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    a lot of people have issues with this exercise at first. stay with it, do your best to do it somehow, you will get better. check out other forum entries where people had a hard time, and see how they got better. trust that you can do it. the idea is to relax your face, if it is not relaxed it does not work. i had it sometimes (rarely) that i was warming up and even though i could do them for years, it just didn't work. it was mostly after when i had just eaten prior to singing, maybe the chewing introduced some tension or something. it felt frustrating and was a weird feeling, knowing i actually can do it normally but being stuck there somehow. trust that you can do it one day, and relax into it. you can do the other exercises without doing it, but it is an important exercise, especially if you have troubles with it, because it indicates you might need more relaxation. so don't stress yourself, it will happen


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