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'30 Minute Singer" Comments

It was instructive to see what Ken leaves in and keeps out. Not expecting a course like this, I went through a similar process in making a workout routine for when time is short. Suffice it to say that Ken's choices are very informative for those familiar with ver. 3.0.

João and Ken are the same approximate fach as me which enabled pinpointing to the note where I should be modifying vowels.

Ken actively corrects João on every deviation so I will be going back and logging these locations for reference. When I had the course open for reference, I was able to sing my first completely correct full-range OOH exercise. I'd been putting off this important correction and am thrilled to have it in the toolkit now. Along those lines, confirmation on options of how to negotiate the EE vowel was an added bonus.

Given how well he sings, I was surprised that João was not a master of the tract shaping exercise. All the better for this course, however, as there's much to learn from Ken's corrections and guidance around them.
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