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Note Placement

Hi! I know, as has been said many times in the forum, that Ken doesn't think of the note as being "high" but rather the placement of the note. Of course vowel mods apply here as well but I'm trying to find where, if at all, in the course Ken talks about this. I've been through the whole course but can't remember specifically if it's discussed.

For example, as I've progressed through the course I'm getting more versatile with my mixed voice allowing me to free up some of the higher notes easier by also focusing on the placement, where it feels and where it resonates. Sometimes this does not always appear to be in "the mask" though and more so in the back of the mouth, soft palate and nose at the same time. So I'm just trying to revisit if there's any exercise or discussions in the course where he talks about specifically "placing" notes or as we ascend in pitch how resonance and placement changes within the body. Hope that makes sense. I'll be happy to clarify anything.


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    the feelings that have to do with all of this are very hard to describe and everyone feels the notes in a different way, so it is very hard to transfer from one person to the other, you might THINK you know what the other person said but who knows if that is what they MEANT. so it is much better to go after the sound, does it sound right? this is not so spongy, and can be rated objectively. you will have to experiment there a bit and find out for yourself, of course with the help of the course. if you trust the information and apply it to your exercise, it will become more and more clear over time. the "feeling" of placing a certain sound comes from the muscular positions etc, and the course gives you all of the necessary pointers, like lifting the palate, the modification, tongue placement etc. all of these combined, along with the muscular development you work on over time, it will give you the full picture. recording yourself (and listening to the recordings, too!), and getting feedback on scales on here, and patience and persistence, are the best way to do this
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