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Chest Voice Burnout - tips/exercises to increase stamina

I've noticed specifically when singing rock songs that require a bit more "belting" and pressure in the sound that my chest voice is just burning out quicker than I would hope. This specifically happens when songs are right around the G4. It's a note that is easy for me to hit in chest voice but take, "Hate Myself For Loving You" by Joan Jett for example... it sits right around the G4 most of the song. By the end of the song my chest voice is already pretty burnt out... Maybe not if I were to sing it early in a set but after about 10 songs or so it gets really tiresome.

So I'm looking for advice, tips, exercises to build this specific area... The song I mentioned calls for that more belted rock voice so a mixed note just sounds kind of wimpy in that case. OR are there any tips for using a more chest dominant mix voice in that area so the voice doesn't get tired so quickly?
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