Podcaster becoming a singer

Hi, I'm the host of missing persons podcast, Unfound. I'm 53 and finally after 4 decades of loving hard rock and heavy metal, I decided to take the plunge on Ken's 3.0 course in January of this year. I think I finally got to the point where I grew frustrated of not being able to sing the songs I've loved for so long. From Iron Maiden to Def Leppard to Dio. On and on and on. I could always carry a tune but at about G4, I was maxed out. I'm now about 10 months in and it's gone well. As a classically trained pianist, I'm trying to remind myself that this is no different than become an expert on an instrument--it takes time. Hey, if it were easy, everybody would be hitting C6. Just now really getting into the working of the head voice. Hoping 2024 will open a whole new world of belting for me. Thanks.
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