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Ribcage expansion throughout breath?

DXMG503DXMG503 3.0 Streaming Posts: 2
I posted this once before but for some reason it didn’t work?

I need a break down of the proper state of the ribcage through out the singing breath, from inhale to exhale.
1. When I take my breath to sing, I need to breathe in with both the chest and diaphragm to get the initial 3/4 expansion, correct?
2. When I breathe out with my diaphragm for the note, I often lose some rib expansion as well, am I doing this incorrectly, and should my ribcage be staying stationary?
3. When I relax into taking the next breath, am I also relaxing the ribcage and having to refill it, or only relaxing the diaphragm and keeping the ribs full? Also, how do you relax when taking an adequate breath takes work?

Please note, I am coming to KTVA from years of poor training, with total exclusion of the ribcage, so I’m going to have to spend a lot of time learning and retraining this to just breath normally, never mind when singing.


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