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Hi everyone. My name is Øystein. I am 27 years old and from Norway, and I am starting the program again after having a longer break.

I first used the program in 2019/2020. I bought it because I had gotten a role in an amateur production of a musical in my hometown. I did the program one hour every day(5-6 days a week) for 6 months, only volume 1. My voice truly grew! People who knew me turned their heads on the first rehearsals because they noticed the width and growth in my voice. However, I never really felt I got the basics in Volume 1; feeling stuck in the stage conscious/incompetent, which was very frustrating.

I have been on again/off again after the pandemic hit. I tried again for a few months every day in 2022, building the voice, but again finding it hard to really grasp the techniques to be competent.

After having a long pause from music and finishing studies unrelated to singing, I have now decided that I want to listen to my dream, try a shift in career and really have a try at musical theatre (life´s too short to at least not give it a go, right?) I truly dream of having a powerful voice that can fill the space and move audiences, express real emotion, and create magical experiences for those sitting in the theatre.

I want to apply for a school that has audition in a bit over a year, giving me some time to earn up money and growing my voice. I really believe in this singing-program, even though for me it’s been hard to develop the basic skills to move on from Volume 1. My plan is to be consistent in publishing progress reports on this forum, either every week or every second week.

I’m excited, but also really scared to start this journey. But I’m happy to have this forum here to take the journey with me!

Also, I recorded a song as a place to look back on after KTVA has helped me build the strong voice I’ve always dreamed of. If you wanna have a listen, I posted it here: https://forum.kentamplinvocalacademy.com/discussion/17854/my-starting-point/p1?new=1

All the best to you all! See you soon :)

- Øystein
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