Hello! Amateur pianist / karaoke fan looking to take voice more seriously

Hello! I am a 38-year-old amateur pianist (and beginner guitarist) and a big karaoke fan, and I just joined the KTVA program with hopes of taking my singing more seriously and developing my ability to sing while playing piano / guitar. I have taken roughly 1 year of singing lessons while I was back in high school (almost 20 years ago now) and 1 year of more current singing lessons with my former piano teacher. I am currently only taking guitar lessons, though singing / ear / interval training is included as part of those lessons. I look forward to the more systematic approach of the KTVA.

Most of my vocal "training" comes from performing a lot of karaoke with my wife, though I'm sure I developed bad habits from that that I'll need to work through.

This is a recording of me performing piano on / singing "Your Song" by Elton John for an online piano recital I participated in this past January 2023: https://recitals.pianoworld.com/recital_files/Pop_Music_after_1960_Themed_Recital/14.%20Schmalex%20-%20Your%20Song.mp3

I don't have a more recent recording, but I will update if I have time to make a better recording this week. I am playing piano during this recording, so my vocals feel a bit "weak" due to my concentration on the piano.


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