HI! just joined KTVA

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Hi, I recently joined KTVA
My name is Antonio, I live in Italy and I am 51 yo (actually very close to 52...)
I have been singing most of my life, in the 90s in an Alternative Rock Band (I was mainly "shouting", actually).
Then, in the 2000s, I joined a semi-pro choir in my area and I got the opportunity to study a little bit with an opera singer, which taught me a lot
I also practice some harmonic singing (or throat singing) and I am actually trying to go back to my singing learning, and re-learn how to do it properly :-D
Actually I sing/play guitar in a very amateur choir but keep on atteding snging seminars with different teachers.
Hope to learn a lot, now I am practicing my Diaphragmatic support and "AAAH" vowel. :-D


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