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Voice horse after 15 hours

Hi, a little different post today,I want to ask if it's only me or anybody else too get their voice horse after waking up for too long .
I usually don't sing that late but this time I decided to sing late at night and it was almost 15 hours since I woke up so I started struggling to sing and it was getting difficult for me to continue singing so I stop it. Is it because my body was tired?
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    hello there i have a different kind of problem, i'm constantly hoarse because of practicing in the wrong way for way too long, but before all this mess happened and my voice was healthy, i also experienced hoarseness if i didn't sleep enough/good enough.

    im not a doctor so i can only tell from my own experience. but if i didn't sleep enough for one night, and i woke up in the morning, drank a lot of tea, and then my head voice didn't work (no sound coming out, or very soft) and my chest voice sounded croaky and hoarse all because my body was tired (because i didn't sleep enough/good).
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    Your body does need rest, and your voice will become worn if you don't get sufficient rest. Rest allows the voice, as well as the rest of the body, to rejuvenate itself.

    With that said, It's much more common to become hoarse from overdoing it while singing. Singing with too much volume is most often the problem, but it can also be from simply trying to force your voice to sing higher notes than you are presently capable of singing.

    We have to pay attention to what we are doing, and safeguard against oversinging. Singing should not be forced, and it should not hurt. Volume needs to be kept to reasonable, safe levels.

    Make sure to warm your voice up gently before trying to stretch it, and stretch lightly. Stretch, don't strain.

    Your voice is fragile. You are its protector. Use your voice safely and wisely.
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