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B4 in chest voice?


If i can belt a B4 in chest voice what voice type am i then?
My lowest note is an A2.
And i feel like my bridge is at an A4 before i start thinning out.


  • INFJINFJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 81
    I have the same approximate bridge note. You're in the tenor range for sure. I stop at Bb4 if talking about unmitigated chest voice with all the muscle mass still present. If I ditch the weight I can go on a little bit further before headvoice takes over.
    Can you do B4 with all that muscle mass then you are a high tenor I think. It's unusual to go that high without ditching a lot of weight or mixing.
  • AcesHighAcesHigh Member Posts: 28
    I tried to sing a bruce dickinson song here. What can my voice type be?
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