new to forum 4years in

glad I'm finally on the forums. I've had the course for four years I just unlocked the power of the course four months ago. I'm in a cover rock band. I played guitar and sing, and I've always had problems with hoarseness and fatigue after singing three hours now I realize that the exercises went down correctly which it took me time to do and figure out work great I really started understanding it to the point of helping me four or five months ago that's why I'm here now to find out what else I'm missing and maybe help somebody else


  • PCPSingerPCPSinger Member Posts: 3
    i'm 58 and I've always sang and played guitar and bands, and I was always decent but now I'm starting to be able to do things that I've never been able to do before. I wish I found it way earlier, but better late than never.
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