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i've had the cousrse for 3 or 4 years I'm 58

i i've had the course for a while it did take me some time to figure out how it worked for me once I got to the third section chest voice of the program I stayed there for a long time doing that dude exercise it's about an hour long, but I do it every day and then I do the Head voice chapter 4 exercise one or two times a week I I do an hour almost every day and my question is when I'm singing with my band once a week, I usually do my exercise the day after practice to clean my voice out. and then everyday till practice again in a week What should my normal practice routine be if I only sing on the weekends should I do vocal exercises every day or is it better to do them every other day and sing the Setlist or some of the Setlist in between because it seems like I'm taking all my time doing the workouts and I have a full-time job so I find myself not having time to sing the songs, except when I practice with the band believe it or not I'm just now getting to chapter 5 slider exercises but the other two have helped me out so much that I've stayed there for now. Just wanted your thoughts on this. i really dedicated a lot of time to this and im grateful to have found you


  • TerenceTerence 3.0 Streaming Posts: 337
    How about Friday -Thurs:
    Rest, Perform, Practice, Rest, Practice, Rest, Practice

    What I do:
    Rest, Rest, Perform, Practice, Rest, Rest, Practice.

    Rest=complete rest day
    Perform=45 min workout + 1.5 hour performing
    Practice=vol 3,4, & 5
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